Friday, May 27, 2016

A Broke Writer's Vent

As an avid reader I have always dived into any book that tickled my fancy. Whether it be an Eric Jerome Dickey novel to a Jane Green novel or perhaps Dean Koontz and Stephen King and lets not forget my favorite author from childhood to present R.L. Stine. I am a lover of reading just about everything. Because of that I love to write about everything. I write science fiction, fantasy, horror, erotica, suspense all of which are my favorite genres. Despite the lover of all within me I can't find a fan base of my love for writing. I've been read all over the world by other fellow writers and readers per Circalit and Readwave. These sites gave me hope and the feedback was educational and promising. So why can't I find readers who have read my work from the E-Books I have on Amazon follow up with a review? Even a negative 'Hey I hate this book' feedback post I can't get. I'm flabbergasted on the lack of response I have received so far from all of the Facebook Friends I have who bypass my posts without a hint of  'I saw it and acknowledged it'. Maybe if I was to write about Divas and Thots or Hoodrats and Dope Traps would I get some acknowledgment of my writing then? Should I force myself to fit into the stereotype of what society has branded me as or shall I write what I love and actually know? I was even surprised that I got the hey you should use a pen name for your writing which I actually do. My author's name is D.E. Williams not my full name so therefore I am not an automatic face to name. But why was this even suggested? Will readers not enjoy my take on science fictional characters with extraterrestrial powers? I've tried everything from submitting works to magazines and entering into contests-for years still no hope. Maybe I'm no good at this. Maybe I should just save up a little and backpack it across the world until I find a common peace within my soul. Give up on writing...HELL NO! I won't...EVER. It is my passion. I love writing. Not telling the stories trapped in my head would drive me to insanity. So for now I vent and only because I can. With tons of papers sprawled all over my work station. I have plenty to type up and share with those who are willing to read what I write. Until next time...never give up...never surrender!

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