Sunday, March 29, 2015

Proofreading and editing stages of Black Creek

Right now I'm near the end of the proofreading and editing stage for my novel Black Creek. I am happy to have accomplished such a great task- 75k words which is the first for me. Most of my writing projects consisted of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, articles, and screenplays 1-5 pages for contests. I can't wait to share with readers who may like or not like the novel because feedback is what I crave for the most. I have been writing for such a long time and though I can monitor how many clicks, how many readers, and or people reached I get very little feedback. Good or bad I'm still unsure. I'm looking to self publish first and have special offers to gain a reader base. Looking forward to the days ahead as a published novelist and even though I'm not starting out in the traditional form I hope to one day work with a literary agent with my future writing projects.

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