Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Writer's Journey- Is it really a dog eat dog world?

"It's often said that everyone has a novel inside of them and in most cases that's where it should stay" A comment posted after reading probably my last article on "The Guardian" website. Most of the comments are negative and posted by other so called 'proclaimed writers' whom has a knack for going straight for the juggler when offering what I assume to be constructive criticism-yeah right. "Have you read this crap?" Per a comment left on an article discussing Amanda Hocking's success as a self published writer. These comments appear to be a review of the article and or the author mentioned. Articles discussing writers whom has by the way become a success despite their struggles to complete a writing project with restless nights of late night writing, completed projects then rejection letter after rejection letter to countless literary agents and or publishers yet to have found their success at getting published through self publishing. The comments lack class whereas the posters seem bitter and can you say jealous much? It's sad that some get a kick out of stomping on a dream. To think that artists such as writers would be supporting one another especially when reading on any level should be appreciated. Hello...hence the take over of reality tv as being one's choice of entertainment vs picking up a book to read. Sometimes I get discouraged reading negative comments flooding the sites like 'The Guardian' a site that I thought was for writers. A site that offer ways to getting published, information on marketing your book and success stories of writers and authors such as the one mentioned above. Having written only a few short stories and screenplays for review and contests I have stories to tell and I'm going to tell them. Becoming a success story or not I love to write. I'm not going to let bitter writers, and or those negative people who like stomping on a dream keep me from accomplishing what I want to do in life which is--WRITE. Every writer's story won't be a tale every reader wants to read. Every writer won't be a Pulitzer prize-winning author. That's the upside to writing because somewhere out there someone will enjoy your story. Would it matter that it didn't result in a book deal? Became a self published success? Realizing that I'm going to take on the mentality of-- Write for you and if they love it or hate it, you would have accomplished something others could never imagine doing.

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