Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Sky is Falling

They all stood around, a crowd in one spot in the east side parking lot. It was only 2pm and yet the darkness surrounded them. There were awwws and oohs as each of them stared up into the sky watching the sun turn into blackness that cracked and began to fall from the sky. Skye looked upon her daughter who had fallen asleep atop of a car, she draped a soft throw around her and noticed an old woman hair white and skin full of wrinkles she did not stop her eyes some what hidden behind her thick lenses and black rimmed glasses. The old lady walked on never taking her eyes off of Skye, which placed a sudden chill of strangeness within her. She thought of it odd that the old lady would be walking alone and her stare upon Skye was unbearable. Afraid the woman was still looking Skye moved to the other side of the car, her hand now at the sides of her daughter, holding her daughter's hand, needing to feel the warmth that rose from her. Skye looked down at her daughter who was sleeping soundly in the midst of all the turmoil that was around them.

A loud scream from the crowd jerked Skye's attention back to that of the reality that was evident. The world was truly ending. More screams and shouts arose from the crowd. The blackness that was once a beautiful ray of light that shined down on them was evidence of the days that lay ahead. Skye gazed up at the blackness her grip on her daughter's hand tightening as realization set in. A piece of the blackness broke free and drifted away, not falling but slightly hovering in to a gravity pull. It resembled a crystal, maybe a part of a puzzle that formed in the sky. Everyone gazed at this sight, mouths open, voices barely heard, time seemed to stop as the crystal that broke free began shooting towards them and in lightening speed. Skye thought, does everyone, not just in the city or in this state but the country witnesses to this beginning to an end?

The screams louder sent everyone running...scattering around like roaches when the light is turned on. Skye picked up her daughter from the hood of the car and ran like a frightened little girl. Tears ran down her cheeks. She sobbed and a lump caught in her throat her heart was racing and all the wind in her was knocked out when a bolt of lightening struck down, hitting the pavement in front of her. The ground began to shake and break a part. Skye screamed...her own voice unrecognizable. Skye's eyes bulged out from their sockets, her lips trembled, her hold now lighter than ever around her daughter, whom still slept soundly and peacefully. If Skye's mind did not wander elsewhere she would have concerned herself more with her daughter's ability to stay asleep through all that has happened. The light now no longer at a distance shined down upon them. Skye to afraid to open her eyes covered her and her daughter with the throw . There were no more screams or footsteps running across the pavement. It was as if everyone had calmed down...maybe this was nothing but a dream. When Skye lifted the blanket she would be back in her home facing the river where she could hear the songs of the birds and the chirping of crickets out on her patio. The light was no more as Skye threw the throw from over her head. She looked at her daughter...asleep and at peace no worries of the craziness upon them.

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